March 25, 2021

Dreaming of summer already? So are we! More daylight hours, more sunshine, and obviously more ice cream. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much! We still have a whole season to enjoy. And spring break is the first sign of warmer days ahead.

If your spring break plans have you sticking closer to home this year, don’t worry. We’ve got four delicious ideas for an at-home spring break that’ll have you jumping off the couch and soaking in the best parts of the spring season. Try one idea or try them all—you can’t go wrong when ice cream is involved.


You could be thousands of miles from the ocean, but what’s stopping you from transporting to the tropics from the comfort of your living room? Grab your favorite lawn chair, spread out some play sand (not on the carpet!), strum a ukulele and light your favorite fruity candle—time to unwind. If you’re feeling crafty, make your own leis from cut up newspaper, tissue paper, or recycled pint containers (colorful AND environmentally conscious—YAASS!) If it’s unseasonably warm, BONUS! Head outdoors and breathe in the fresh air. No matter what your at-home island adventure entails, make sure you treat yourself to a little something sweet like fan-favorite Toasted Coconut or our all-new Dairy Free Toasted Coconut to go all out tropical. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the waves crashing. Almost.


Tired of sitting around all day and looking for an excuse to move your body? Here it is! Charge up your Bluetooth speaker, find the ultimate springtime playlist on Spotify (or make your own) and turn up the music! “Here Comes the Sun,” “Like a Bird” and “Mr. Blue Sky” are exactly the vibe we’re going for, but anything that brings a smile to your face and gets your toe tapping will work just fine! Not afraid to move your feet a little? Challenge your friends to a dance off and bust out some sweet moves like the Sprinkler, the Shopping Cart or your own signature dance move. Just a few minutes of jamming out can expend some energy and boost your mood big time. Most importantly, warm up and cool down with your favorite ice cream flavor. To keep the springtime theme going, why not go for something bright and vibrant like Blue Moon or Mint Chocolate Chip? You decide. We’ll keep the dance floor warm for ya.


Remember reading or watching “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and dreaming of creating your very own chocolate fantasy land? Now is your chance to get totally inspired and make your dreams reality—but with ice cream! Okay, maybe you can’t really re-create a Chocolate River in your backyard, but a hot fudge drizzle over Classic Chocolate is pretty darn close, right? Make a sundae station with unique flavor pairings and chocolatey topping combinations that you thought were only possible in your dreams. With ice cream flavors like Double Chocolate Almond and Brownie Batter Cookie Dough, the options are endless. No matter what flavor you choose, there’s no doubt you’ve won the ultimate golden ticket.


Looking to spend your spring break crossing off your “to-do” list? Get in the spirit of growing your own fruits and veggies and plan out your summer garden. It might be a little premature to drop some seeds in the ground but give your green thumb a workout, preview your produce and pop open your favorite fruity ice cream flavor. Whether it’s cherries in Traverse City Cherry Fudge or Black Cherry, or maybe the citrus fruit route with Orange Cream Swirl, we’ve got you covered. And when it comes time to harvest, we hear Creamery Blend Vanilla goes with just about anything.

Whether you’re ready for a tropical getaway, dancing in the sunshine or planning out your summer garden, there are endless ways to relax, refresh and celebrate spring. Just don’t forget the ice cream—I mean, how could you?!

You can’t go wrong with warmer weather and an ice-cold treat. How are you spending your spring break? Tell us in the comments below!

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