July 29, 2021

There’s something so right about ice cream during the summer season. You can dish it up in a cup or get your licks and kicks with a cone, and if you’re really daring you might even sneak tastes right from the carton. But when there’s extra time to make summer memories even more special, we like to dig out our recipe options for something to make the moment stand out.

There’s no shortage of options, and you’re going to want to bookmark these creations. From cool cakes and personalized parfaits and everything in between, we’ve got 4 super recipes to put a smile on your face as you soak in the sweetest parts of the summer season.


What you really need is a simple recipe that looks like it took all day to make? The Newlywed Chefs share this easy Deer Traxx Ice Cream Cake that will have you rethinking the possibilities of what a homemade cake could be. With thick layers of Deer Traxx ice cream, soft pound cake and a bold topping with hardened hot fudge and peanut butter cups, this one will have you lighting a candle for occasions real or imagined—any reason to dig in and celebrate.


It’s a modern take on a classic summer treat—the s’more. Melissa at Simply Whisked shares her S’mores Ice Cream Graham Cracker Cake made with our Dairy Free S’mores flavor. The ingredients are simple, and the result is straight up creamy, marshmallow-y goodness. The best part? No worrying about tending the campfire or finding the perfect flame. You can also swap in one of your other favorite flavors, like Classic Chocolate or Double Chocolate Almond.


Take your ice cream to the next level by making it part of another signature dessert staple. We’re all-in on this Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Pie with a Pretzel Crust from Shelly at Vegetarian Ventures. The pretzel crust is a unique twist on classic pie crust and we’re warning you, you may never go back. She recommends Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream or Vanilla Bean, but honestly you can’t go wrong here. Light, refreshing, and simple to assemble—the best kind of summer recipe.


Make your summer dessert all your own with an Easy Ice Cream Parfait from Kit at The Kittchen. The trick is to start with a good base. Kit uses Strawberry Cheesecake and Seaside Caramel. Great options, but with over 50 flavors to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Deciding on toppings is where you become the artist. Do you go all in on sweet? Mix in something salty? Maybe both? No matter what you decide, we’re sure it’ll be a masterpiece.

What summertime treat are you digging into? Show us your desserts by tagging your social posts with #HudsonvilleIceCream and @hudsonville_ic.

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