September 10, 2020

Forget spoons – you’ll need a straw for these ice cream concoctions.

We’re talking about the coolest ice cream drink around: Milkshakes. These creamy and customizable desserts in their current form have been around for almost 100 years (since the invention of the blender!). The base recipe is simple. A scoop or two of your favorite flavor, maybe a splash of milk, blended together and topped with whipped cream.

If you’re looking for ways to level up your milkshakes, there’s no shortage of ways to make something more mind “blending.” Check out these five tricks you should keep in mind when mixing up your next milkshake.

Add Cake

No, really. If you happen to have a slice of leftover cake (or a cupcake), skip serving it on the side of your ice cream and throw it right in the blender. Kit at The Kittchen shares her three-ingredient cake shake recipe using one of our favorite milkshake base flavors, Creamery Blend Vanilla, in this nod to a similar option you can find at Portillo’s in Chicago.

Don’t Actually Add Dairy

Hear us out. You can make your favorite shake with our Dairy Free lineup and a non-dairy milk – and you’ll never notice the difference. Detroit Mom did just that, whipping up a rich chocolate shake with Dairy Free Peanut Butter Truffle and oat milk, plus a scoop of peanut butter and chocolate shavings on top.

Melissa at Simply Whisked had a similar idea, making a chocolate peanut butter banana shake for her kiddos to enjoy after school. See how her shake comes together in this video.

A Holiday Twist

Since milkshakes use just a couple ingredients and come together quickly, you can put some extra special touches on yours to make it stand out. If you’re trying to get a jump on the holidays this year, Liz from Under the Willow Tree has a mint fudge shake recipe with a crushed peppermint garnish that’s just for you. She uses our Dairy Free Mint Fudge Cookie, but you can always use Extra Indulgent Mint Cookie Dough.

If you’re not quite ready for candy canes and cold weather, add some extra chocolate chunks or sauce to your green shake and consider it Frankenstein’s monster – perfect for Halloween!

For Adults Only

These milkshakes aren’t for sharing. If you’re blending up some options for the 21-and-up crowd, adding a spirit to pair with the ice cream flavors is a gamechanger. Couple in the Kitchen featured not one, but two boozy milkshakes at a (2019) party with friends – one tropical and one chocolatey.

Not to be outdone, Milwaukee Mom also experimented with boozy milkshake recipes. Whether you go with their creations of Almond Haze or the Chocolate Cherry Cheer, we’re sure about one thing – they all sound delicious.

Milkshakes and Memories

Since the options are endless when it comes to making a milkshake, we have to admit our favorite part is actually spending time with people we love. Milkshakes are a perfect way to get everyone in the family involved – something Columbus Mom contributor Kristina noted when making milkshakes with her daughter and her mother.

Milkshakes are also a quick and easy treat to mark the end of the school day in a year when learning looks a little different than in years past. Kait at Indianapolis Mom is making sure her kids still have sweet days with hybrid schedules and at-home lessons, because “all good days end with Hudsonville Ice Cream milkshakes.”

We agree.

What’s your go-to milkshake combo? Share your favorite (and who you’re sharing with) in the comments or by tagging your social posts with #HudsonvilleIceCream and @hudsonville_ic.

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