May 19, 2021

This summer is bound to be one of the busiest yet. Spending more time outdoors and on the move means thinking of new ways to share something sweet with people you love, rather than gathering around the kitchen table and scooping out the perfect bowl of ice cream.

Give the bowl and spoon a vacation and opt for a handheld dessert for sweetness on the go! Easy, mobile and as delicious as you’d expect. We’re counting down our favorite handheld desserts that don’t require any utensils to enjoy. (Tip: don’t forget the napkins!)

Sweetness on a Stick

We’ll admit it: we’re typically the “bowl and spoon” type, but we’re willing to step out of our comfort zone if it means showing off another way to enjoy an ice cream treat. For this one, we’re taking a tip from the ice cream truck with a little something on a stick. You can pick your favorite flavors and make these recipes at home. More time creating makes these treats taste even sweeter! Every recipe is completely customizable and perfect for summer.

My Modern Cookery shows off these Easy Ice Cream Bars made with classic Hudsonville flavors. Her recipe uses pints, but you could mix it up with your favorite Extra Indulgent or Dairy Free flavor, instead!

Milwaukee Mom has the right idea with these Strawberry Sundae Ice Cream Pops, mixing our Strawberry Cheesecake flavor and fresh berries in a blender for a super summery taste.

And what’s more classic than a bomb pop? Detroit Mom makes her own version using American Fireworks. Show up with these at your Fourth of July party and the fireworks display won’t be the only showstopper.

Sandwiches Two Ways

If you couldn’t tell from our previous recipe roundups, ice cream sandwiches are high on our list of favorite ice cream vehicles. Whether it’s cookies, brownies, cake or a scratch-made chocolate wafers like the quintessential ice cream sandwich, you really can’t go wrong here.

Anna at A Lily Love Affair made these perfect Rice Krispie Ice Cream Sandwiches – classic dessert in its own right and made even more delectable with ice cream. She uses Traverse City Cherry Fudge and Blue Moon, which she calls “the sweetness of summer in ice cream form!” We couldn’t agree more.

For a completely different take on the sandwich, Margaret at The Plant Philosophy churned out these Vegan Brownie Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches. We didn’t know it was possible to be drooling at the name of a dessert, yet here we are.

The Cone-ly One You Need

There’s no way we could talk about handheld desserts without mentioning the godfather of them all. That’s right, the ice cream cone will live on in the ice cream hall of fame as the most practical, popular, and most importantly, edible method of delivering creamy goodness to our tastebuds.

Whether you’re a waffle cone connoisseur, a sugar cone sweetie, or a cake cone queen, take a heaping scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor (may we recommend our summer Limited Edition, Blueberry Graham Delight?) and treat yourself to the ultimate handheld dessert.

The next time you hear someone say “there’s no time for ice cream”, first of all, try not to fall over.  Then, tell them that sticks, sandwiches and cones are IN this year and there’s no excuse not to enjoy ice cream on-the-go.

Decide on your favorite handheld dessert recipe, grab some napkins (seriously, more than you think you’ll need, the drip factor is bound to be high), and let us help you make this summer extra sweet, no matter where your plans take you.

Show us all your handheld dessert creations by tagging your social posts with #HudsonvilleIceCream and @hudsonville_ic.

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