December 28, 2020

Bring on the new year! Every year as the final days of December wind down, there’s an incredible feeling of anticipation. What will happen next year, and will it be better than the last 12 months?

Well, 2020 was one for the books, and as this weird year comes to a close, there’s no better time to look to the future and make a few resolutions.

If you’re having trouble feeling inspired to dream big in 2021, here are six resolutions we have on our list that might make all the moments of the new year a little sweeter.

Try More Delicious Flavors

So many flavors, and 365 days to fill. We’ve got a flavor for everyone, from our classic lineup to our Extra Indulgent and Dairy Free pints. And, as Kylee from Kylee’s Kitchen explains, it’s important to treat yo’self:

“In 2021, I plan to encourage everyone (including myself) to embrace “guilt-free” eating and stop feeling guilty after eating—and enjoying—sweet treats. Also, I want to go out of my way to try new ethnic cuisine every month in an effort to expand my palate and learn about different cultures around the world.”

Take on a New Recipe

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try creating a sweet ice cream concoction. For beginners, sandwich your favorite flavor between two cookies. If your skill level is a bit more advanced, choose from one of these decadent recipes using Extra Indulgent flavors. No matter what you make, be sure to take lots of photos, save the recipe to your recipe book and let your family in on the deliciousness as taste testers!

Just Chill

We won’t pretend – 2020 certainly had its share of tough days. Sometimes, you’ve got to take a step back and appreciate the good things in life. Lauren from Lake Shore Lady plans to do just that:

“My biggest resolution for 2021 is to live each day more mindfully. 2020 was really overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, and I’m hoping that I can find more room to breathe, slow down (maybe with some ice cream!), and trust that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in the new year.”

Experiment with Sundae Toppings

You know there’s no wrong way to prepare an ice cream sundae, right? As long as you’ve got a creamy, dreamy base ice cream, (your fav flavor, of course) the possibilities and combinations are truly endless. We’ve got some tips here. Crushed cookie pieces, your favorite candy, warm fudge or caramel and colorful sprinkles? Count us in! (Oh, and don’t forget the whipped cream and cherry!)

Get (ice cream) Social

While it’s important to balance time with loved ones with time on our devices, sometimes screen time has its benefits. We encourage you to join our online family and be among the first to hear about giveaways and new flavors! If you like recipes, new product launches, free stuff and general ice cream lore, you’ll be right at home on our social media channels. Give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Make More Time for Family and Friends

Most importantly, we’re looking forward to spending even more time with the ones we love. If this year has taught us one thing, it’s the value of coming together and creating sweet memories with family and friends, and that will always be true, no matter how many years go by. Melissa at Simply Whisked is making special people the priority in the new year, and you can too:

“After such a difficult and trying year, we’re looking forward to celebrating life’s moments with family and friends, and fully appreciating the normalcy that we’re hoping 2021 will bring. No matter what the occasion, we know that food and ice cream will play a big part in that.”

Are you ready to turn the page on 2020? How are you ringing in the new year? Tell us in the comments below.

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