April 7, 2020

This spring is shaking out much differently than anyone anticipated! While we’re dreaming of making plans with friends on those sunny, cloud-free summer days ahead, we know you might need a burst of creativity to make these days at home a little sweeter. Activity options don’t have to be limited because we’re staying safe at home – there are plenty of fun activities you and your family can do indoors. And honestly, you can turn any activity up a notch with a little bit of ice cream.

Here are six easy indoor activities to bring a little more sunshine to any dreary spring day.

Set Up a Build-Your-Own Sundae Bar

Sometimes, ice cream is the star of a perfect afternoon, made a little more special with your most favorite toppings. After all, variety is the spice of life! Start with whatever Hudsonville Ice Cream flavors you have in your freezer – any flavor will do! Whether you choose Chocolate, Super Scoop, or our favorite sundae base – our award-winning French Vanilla – you’ve got a perfect canvas for an ice cream masterpiece.

After you have your ice cream options, gather your favorite toppings, serving spoons and bowls, and get to work building your dream sundae. When it comes to toppings, creativity knows no bounds. The more unique, the better! Consider including toppings like:

  • Nuts
  • Cookie crumbles
  • Fresh fruit
  • Marshmallows or marshmallow fluff
  • Pie crust pieces
  • Sour sprinkles
  • Gummy worms
  • Popcorn
  • Crystalized ginger
  • Nut brittle
  • Fresh mint

The best part: There’s no such thing as a bad combo for a Build-Your-Own Sundae Bar. Build your sundae just how you like it and enjoy! Need some inspiration? We’ve got a whole blog full of delicious sundae ideas — check it out here!

Create an Indoor Obstacle Course

Going stir-crazy indoors? Burn some energy and move your body with an indoor obstacle course! Indoor-friendly challenges might depend on how much space is available in your living room or basement, but options can span your whole house and range from egg-carrying challenges to staircase races.

Other activities to include in your obstacle course are:

  • Balloon volleyball: Just like the regular game, except you use a ballon for the “ball” and a string tied across two chairs as the net. Divide players into two teams and position them on either side of the string. One team serves by hitting the balloon over the string and the other team must return the balloon without allowing it to fall to the ground. When the balloon is not returned, the other team scores a point. The first team to reach 10 points wins.
  • Bean bag toss: Whether you plan the tic-tac-toe version or classic cornhole, bean bag toss games are always fun for the family!
  • Tug of war: A classic game everyone knows how to play – just be sure to have lots of space and teams are paired up evenly on each side of the rope.
  • Hug-a-balloon-relay: Break into two equal-sized teams. A team must go down, around a cone, and back, twelve times, with a different pair going each time. The two members must side-hug and hold a balloon wedged between them. They may only touch it with their hands if it drops. If it drops, the team must stay where they are until it is wedged back together. Team members may only go a second time if everyone on the team has already gone.
  • Book balancing race: Test your balancing skills with this classic game! Have two players line up at one end of a hallway or room, place a similarly sized book on their heads, and see who can make it to the other side of the hallways or room without the book falling from their head – no hands allowed!
  • Paper plane throwing: Get creative with your paper plane making skills to see whose plane can fly the fastest, farthest or even do cool tricks!

Combine any number of these fun ideas to create your own family obstacle course. The winner gets the best prize – their pick of a celebratory Hudsonville Ice Cream flavor to share.

And, if you pick a pint flavor, like our Dairy Free S’mores flavor or the new Extra Indulgent Raspberry Chocolate Chunk, you get a bonus activity: Obstacle course medals! Easily make medals using leftover Hudsonville Ice Cream pint lids. Paint the lid your favorite color and decorate with glitter, puffy paints and other crafty tools you might have lying around. Attach a ribbon and you’re done. May the best challenger win!

Host Your Own Ice Cream Taste Test

Who has the sharpest taste buds in the bunch? Using a blindfold, take turns trying to name the Hudsonville Ice Cream flavors you’ve got on hand. It might be harder to do than you think!

Your taste test could include a variety of flavors, from our traditional 48 oz cartons to our pint-sized Dairy Free and Extra Indulgent options. Or you could sample from all three, using similar flavors to really test your ice cream IQ. Consider a mint trio of Mint Chocolate Chip, Mint Fudge Cookie and Mint Cookie Dough, or something cool and caramelly, like Caramel Cookie Dough, Salted Caramel Brownie and Caramel Deer Tracks. Don’t worry, when you’re taste-testing Hudsonville Ice Cream, everyone gets top marks!

Mix up Mealtime with a Picnic

For those sunnier days spent at home, take a break from the dinner table and head outside for a good old fashioned picnic! Just break out your picnic blanket and get comfortable in the backyard while you enjoy some fresh air. (If the weather is not cooperating, this also works in your living room or any other area of your house with space to spread out.)

When prepping your picnic basket, consider easy-to-eat finger foods or sandwiches, perfect for casual outdoor dining with the fam. Tip: To make this picnic even sweeter, pack a pint or two of your favorite Hudsonville flavor. They’re easy to transport (even if you’re only headed out your back door) and perfect for snacking.

Make Family Movie Night Even Sweeter

While taking a trip to the movies is certainly a special occasion, movie nights at home can be just as sweet, especially when Hudsonville Ice Cream is your treat of choice! From deciding on a movie to setting the scene for your viewing party, there are so many fun ways to transform your movie nights from drab to fab! Check out our blog for more blockbuster ideas.

Get Crafty – Just in time for Easter

Break out the scissors and glue! Being indoors during spring is the perfect time to get crafty! Peep these cute and easy crafts from our friend Kristin Latchaw, of Cincinnati Mom Collective. These perfect activities will simultaneously keep the little ones engaged and help you prep for Easter. Learn how to make an Easter basket out of one of our ice cream cartons and a fun way to dye eggs on her latest blog here.

No matter what activity you choose, there are plenty of ways to avoid the feeling of being cooped up and bored when you’re spending more time inside.

What indoor activity makes your time at home more memorable? What did we leave out? Let us know by commenting below with your suggestions. And don’t forget to share how you’re staying home and staying safe with us by tagging us on social media or sending us an email – we might share your photo in an upcoming social post or e-newsletter!

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