July 16, 2020

When you love ice cream as much as we do, you start to wonder how it’s made and what goes into creating the perfect flavors. We hear questions from our fans all the time about what it takes to make a delicious, creamy ice cream. Questions like:

How do you make amazing ice cream? How many flavors are you experimenting with at once? Can I be a taste tester?

To answer these questions, meet Hudsonville’s flavor developers – Morgan, Kinsey and Taylor – to learn more about what it’s like to make Hudsonville Ice Cream and the favorite flavors you know and love.

Who are the Hudsonville Ice Cream’s flavor developers?


Morgan: Hi, I’m Morgan Craig and I have a background in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Food Science. And that’s slightly how I became a flavor developer. I love food and I love the science of ice cream and I was lucky enough to get this job.

Kinsey: Hi, I’m Kinsey Coleman and I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Food Science and working in ice cream has always been my dream. So, being able to work here is a dream come true.

Taylor Pearson: Hi, I’m Taylor Pierson and my background is in Culinary Arts. My passion is food and ice cream, , so I’m happy to be here.

Where do your flavor ideas come from?


Morgan: So, I get flavor ideas from all over the place. For Brownie Batter Cookie Dough, it was from something that I had in college. For Dairy Free, I wanted our customers to have something that tasted just like ice cream, had that same delicious texture, and it was still the name brand Hudsonville that you love.

Kinsey: For American Fireworks, I wanted something that represented America and that would be perfect for July 4, Memorial Day and all of the holidays that are in the summer. And, I wanted something fun so adding pop rocks was super fun.

Taylor Pearson: Friends and family always have great recommendations and suggestions for flavor ideas. This is the Creamery Blend Vanilla and it’s the most creamy, delicious vanilla and it’s perfect on its own and you can pair it with anything.

How many flavors are you experimenting with at any given time, and what makes an ice cream flavor great?


Kinsey: We’re constantly working on new flavors, up to six at a time.

Morgan: To make great ice cream, you have to start out with the best base possible like we’ve been making since 1926.

Kinsey: Then you have to add great flavors and great swirls like caramel and fudge.

Taylor: And you can’t forget about the candy pieces and the cookie dough.

How do you make ice cream so creamy?


Morgan: A lot of people ask us how we make Hudsonville Ice Cream so creamy. Well, as soon as it comes out of the filler, we shoot it straight to a negative 40 degrees freezer to lock in our delicious flavor.

What makes Blue Moon taste so delicious?


Morgan: It’s hard to explain what makes Blue Moon so delicious. It’s a Michigan state secret. It’s magical. Wooo!

Have more questions for our flavor developers? Let us know in the comments or on our social channels and we may answer them in a future blog!

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