October 1, 2020

We might be known for our ice cream creations, but truth be told, we love all kinds of desserts. One of our favorites has to be fresh baked cookies – a staple dessert (or snack) any time of year. The way we see it, the only thing better than dunking a cookie into an ice-cold glass of milk is pairing it with ice cream. Cookies + ice cream is an unbeatable combo, especially with the right recipe. In honor of National Cookie Month, we whipped together a cool collection of sweet options to try.

A New Take on a Classic

You can’t go wrong with the classic cookie sandwich. Shelly at Vegetarian Ventures shared her vegan chocolate chip shortbread ice cream sandwiches earlier this year and honestly, if there was a “Cookie Dessert Hall of Fame,” this would be front and center. This recipe features a generous scoop of our Dairy Free Chocolate between two warm vegan shortbread cookies. The result? A handheld ice cream sandwich you definitely won’t find from your local ice cream truck.

If vegan shortbread isn’t your thing, any cookie recipe will work just fine. Kait at Indianapolis Moms shares her super simple recipe for chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandies – it’s easy enough for the kiddos to pitch in, too. 

Celebration Time

Confetti Cake Ice Cream Cookie Cups—say that 10 times fast! That’s what Sarah is serving up at Chef Next Door. While the party’s over for our Limited Edition Confetti Cake, the flavor combinations with this recipe are endless. May we suggest Dairy Free Birthday Cake? Or go for the tried and true milk & cookies flavor with creamy, dreamy Creamery Blend Vanilla. Don’t forget the sprinkles!

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Looking to go all-in on the cookie component? This one’s for all the self-declared “cookie lovers.” Shelly at Vegetarian Ventures is back at it with her cookie lover’s skillet and if you’re looking for something to slice and share with the whole family, this one’s for you. This cookie lover’s skillet is best served with one of our cookie-inspired flavors like Dairy Free Caramel Cookie Dough, or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Customize yours to fit your tastes!

Feeling Lucky?

Sometimes you’ve got to look beyond the typical chocolate chips. That’s exactly what Melissa at Simply Whisked does with her Lucky Charms Cookies. And at the end of this rainbow, you’ll find a pint of gold filled with Dairy Free Mint Fudge Cookie, making for a perfectly festive cookie sandwich. Or, mix it up with Extra Indulgent Mint Cookie Dough. Colorful, crunchy and creamy…no luck required.

The Tasty Trifecta

We actually can’t get enough of ice cream sandwiches. Samantha at Gold Coast Girl gives us even more options to match cookies with ice cream with her homemade ice cream sandwich recipes three ways for a delicious, portable treat. Make your own cookies (she shares recipes!) or pick up your favorite store-bought brand if you’re short on time. Together, these three recipes can make the perfect party platter if you’re looking to plan a safe and socially distant gathering (or just add some variety to your evenings at home).

Cake. Ice Cream. Happiness.

Rounding out our cookie countdown is Elizabeth at Under the Willow Tree with this caramel cookie dough ice cream cake. You don’t need to be a star baker for this recipe. It’s easy enough for any skill level and still looks super fancy. This recipe works with most dietary needs too – it’s completely vegan friendly, from the cake base to the dough topping.


Which of these cookie + ice cream combos is a batch made in heaven? Share how you’re enjoying these recipes during National Cookie Month – tag your social posts with #HudsonvilleIceCream and @hudsonville_ic.

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