August 21, 2019

When we set out on this dairy-free adventure, we weren’t sure where we would end up.

What we did know is we wanted to create a first-of-its-kind frozen dessert that was so incredibly creamy and delicious that dairy-free fans everywhere felt like they were enjoying real ice cream.

So, we got to work and tested a bunch of different combinations until we got the recipe just right.

It wasn’t easy, but after two long years spent testing and retesting countless options we did exactly what we set out to do.


…and we couldn’t wait to give people a chance to taste our way of doing dairy-free for themselves.

While we had a hunch people would like it, and anticipated receiving comments like “this is the best dairy-free ice cream I’ve ever had,” we didn’t fully understand the impact it would have on so many dairy-free families across the Midwest.

We were expecting to hear things like “mouth-watering” and “delicious”, and what we’ve heard instead is “life-changing”.

We’re humbled by the heartfelt notes and virtual thank you’s we’ve received from grateful parents and happy kids who have been able to share a scoop with each other—some for the first time.


My daughter is allergic to milk and we are always looking for good dairy-free options for her to enjoy while the other kids enjoy theirs. We found out Lucy was allergic to dairy, along with a few other things, when she was just six months old. Thanks to you, she will be enjoying ice cream all summer. Dairy allergies suck, but this ice cream sure doesn’t! So good! — Tanya P.


A huge thank you from me and my son, Bowen. He is newly diagnosed with a dairy allergy and is heartbroken he can’t eat your regular flavors. I saw your brand in the dairy free section and was so happy I did a little dance right in the freezer section. We thank you and encourage you to keep experimenting with awesome dairy-free flavors!” — GayLynn F.

Thank you! My son had to go dairy free about three years ago due to a food protein processing disease called Eosinophilic esophagitis. He used to love chocolate ice cream, but all the alternatives did not taste good. He told me to tell you this is the best ice cream he’s had in three years! Plus, it’s scoopable so I can put it in a cone for him! It may seem like a simple thing to some, but you just gave my son a little bit of normalcy back! Again, thank you! — Amy S.


My 8-year-old dairy-allergic child and 4 year old non-allergic child were able to have an ice cream cone together on a whim at a ‘restaurant’ because they had Hudsonville Dairy Free birthday cake ice cream. This was the first time they have ever had a real hand-scooped cone together. It was so fun for them. And he loved that it’s blue! He got right in with all the other kids and their hot pink and purple ice creams. I hit up Meijer for more on the way home!  Thank you! — Jenaca H.


We also loved hearing about this exchange Stephanie B. recently had with her five-year-old daughter:

Daughter: I’m not allergic to any of those!?

Me: Nope!

Daughter: Am I dreaming!?

Sincerest thank you from our food allergy family!


Brothers and sisters enjoying ice cream together for the first time. Moms and dads finding a way to put a smile on their child’s face. With or without dairy, moments just don’t get any sweeter than that.

Looking for a dairy-free option that’s just as good as the real stuff? Discover what makes our Dairy Free flavors different and where you can find some.

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