July 9, 2018

It’s an ongoing challenge here at Hudsonville: how can we make it better?

We’ve spent more than 90 years perfecting our craft and will never change a recipe unless it makes our ice cream better. In fact, many of our flavors use a base recipe that was created in 1926!

We make all the flavors you know and love, and we make them better—from the world’s best French Vanilla ice cream to seasonal Limited Edition flavors you can’t find anywhere else.

We’re proud to be at the table to sweeten life’s everyday moments, and our passion for creating the perfect bowl of ice cream is driven by our desire to sprinkle more joy into your day, one scoop at a time.

People often ask us, “How do you make your ice cream so creamy and delicious?” So, we created this fun infographic to illustrate how our ice cream gets from the farm to your freezer.


We start the process by getting our milk and cream from local farms, some of them just a 15-minute drive from our facility in Holland, Michigan. We built our facility near our farms because having our cows closer means fresher milk in our ice cream.

Then, we blend that fresh whole milk and cream with sugar, using our time-tested recipe from 1926.

The creaminess of Hudsonville Ice Cream comes from our two-stage homogenization process, which produces a smooth and silky ice cream texture. We then heat the mix very quickly to destroy any harmful bacteria and churn it down to a cool 22 degrees.

Next comes the really fun part! At this point in the process, we sprinkle and swirl in goodies, like cherries, peanut butter cups and cookie dough! This is when each batch begins to resemble the flavors you know and love.

Before cartons are sent to our spiral freezer, where they’re cooled to a chilly -40 degrees to lock in flavor and keep the ice cream velvety smooth, they’re filled and covered with a protective foil seal.

Finally, the ice cream is loaded onto trucks and delivered to grocery stores so you can pick up your favorite flavors from the shelf!

Head over to our Scoop Locator to find a store that sells our ice cream near you, and see if you can taste the Hudsonville difference.

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