November 14, 2019

Few things beat a table of delicious food surrounded by the people you love, which is why we love the holiday season so much. While we’re thankful for the time we’re able to spend with our families, Friendsgiving gives us a chance to connect with close friends during the most wonderful (and busiest) time of the year. So call up your squad, set the table and get ready to feast. Here are a few ideas on how to host one sweet Friendsgiving.



Why put all the pressure of making everything yourself when you can turn Thanksgiving into a potluck with friends? Since you’re hosting, assign yourself the main task of tackling the turkey and have your friends bring the sides and snacks.

To make it even more memorable and meaningful, ask you friends to share a Thanksgiving or holiday recipe they grew up on. This way, you’re less stressed as a host, and you get to learn more about your friends.

If you and your friends need some inspiration on what to make, check out these fall desserts and dairy-free Thanksgiving recipes.


Games, ice breakers and group activities are a great way to get your party started and keep the fun going once everyone has had their fill! Whether you’re hanging out with old pals or trying to bring new friends together, these activities are an easy way to make memories that will last.

We love the idea of creating a conversation jar with question cards focused on the meaning of Thanksgiving. Take turns passing the jar around the table and have each person pick a card at random to answer. You could include fun “This or That”-style questions (stuffing or mashed potatoes – hmm…that’s a tough one!), or questions that range from things like “what are three things you’re thankful for this year?” to “who is someone you’re grateful for in your life and why?”



Another easy way to make your Friendsgiving a memorable affair is by adding some seasonal flair.

Draw inspiration from your friends’ personalities and pop culture trends. We’ve seen some creative “Friends”-themed Friendsgiving ideas based on the hit 90s TV show floating around out there, and Pinterest is packed with plenty more.

So, get crafty! This is the perfect time to get your DIY on (if that’s your thing). From welcome banners and table decorations, to place cards and napkin rings, there are so many ways to put your hot glue gun to work this season.

If crafting isn’t your thing, don’t stress! Anyone can pull off this simple Friendsgiving decoration. All you need is brown craft paper and a permanent marker to look like the Martha Stewart in your group of friends.

Remember, Friendsgiving doesn’t have to be a formal affair. So, keep it casual and have some fun.


Lastly, and probably most importantly, remember to celebrate what Friendsgiving is all about – spending time and giving thanks for your chosen family, your friends.

Set aside some time during your get together, whether it’s during dinner or while playing games, to share favorite memories from your friendships, how your friendships have impacted your lives and to give thanks for their presence in your life. To make this tradition a little less awkward and a little more anonymous, you can have your friends write down what/who they are thankful for on slips of paper and put them in a bowl. Then at dinner, you can pass the bowl around and everyone can take one and read it aloud to the group.

So, here’s to enjoying great company, good food…and an extra scoop of ice cream with dessert!

Do you have any favorite Friendsgiving traditions that your friends look forward to each year?

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