January 2, 2018

This year, Hudsonville Ice Cream is treating ice cream lovers to a wonderful surprise in the freezer aisle. We are officially introducing a new container to better reflect the premium ice cream inside. And to celebrate new containers across our line of delicious flavors, we’re bringing back our original Creamery Blend Vanilla—a flavor recipe dating back to the 1940s! As part of our mission to capture genuine goodness in every container, Creamery Blend Vanilla uses the purest grade vanilla and locally sourced milk and cream, creating the best vanilla ice cream flavor for all to enjoy. Creamery Blend Vanilla and the entire line of staple Hudsonville Ice Cream flavors in new containers can be found now in select stores, and will be available everywhere Hudsonville Ice Cream is sold by April 2018.

About the New Containers:

Q: My Hudsonville Ice Cream containers look different! Why did you change the look?

A: It is critical for us to focus on quality. While the containers have a different look than in the past, we made changes to more than just the package color and size. In our quest for quality, we have removed vanillin—an artificial substitute for vanilla—from all our products, replacing it with natural vanilla flavor. We also went to great lengths to deliver a simpler ingredient statement by changing our stabilizers. We also added new safety measures to the package.

Q: So wait, the size of Hudsonville Ice Cream containers changed?

A: Yes, we are shifting from a 56 oz. container to the 48 oz. container. Changing to the 48 oz. size allows us to focus more on quality, from our updated ingredient statement to newly implemented safety measures.

Q: Can you expand on the safety measures being added?

A: Hudsonville Ice Cream is the only ice cream company providing a foil seal on the 48 oz. container. The seal protects the ice cream after it leaves our kitchen, while it rides on the truck, goes onto a shelf, then home to your freezer. We have also added X-ray technology to ensure the highest quality ice cream is being produced as well as new measuring and weighing processes to ensure the proper amount of ice cream is in each container.

Q: Has there been a change to the ingredients?

A: Hudsonville Ice Cream uses the same base recipe that we used when we were founded in 1926. There are stabilizing ingredients we have used in some flavors in the past that we will no longer be using: carrageenan, vanillin and polysorbate 80. Removing these ingredients gives us a shorter, cleaner label and allows us to invest in more natural alternatives. We are always learning, growing and changing to ensure our ice cream is the highest quality possible while keeping our cost reasonable for our customers.

Q: Will there be a price change?

A: The price will stay the same.

About Creamery Blend Vanilla:

Q: When was the Creamery Blend Vanilla last available?

A: Approximately 10 years ago.

Q: What was the reason for the hiatus?

A: While this has been a flavor enjoyed by Hudsonville Ice Cream fans for many years, we have also been proud to develop innovative Limited Edition flavors to showcase creativity in ice cream. Bringing back a staple flavor like Creamery Blend Vanilla celebrates our heritage and our new container.

Q: Is Creamery Blend Vanilla a Limited Edition flavor?

A: No, it’s here to stay! This flavor truly exemplifies what Hudsonville Ice Cream is; simple, local and genuinely good. All our ice creams are still based on our original recipe created in 1926. Creamery Blend Vanilla helps us to celebrate our new container but also shows our promise to stay true to our heritage and deliver the highest quality ice cream to our customers.

If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@hudsonvilleicecream.com or (616) 546-4005.


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