September 27, 2019

The seasons are changing, a new school year has started and fresh, exciting possibilities are in the air. With fall comes new schedules, traditions and memories to be made. We sat down with our friend Melissa from Simply Whisked to talk about the fall traditions she is introducing to her family this season.

Whether the thought of having the kids help in the kitchen makes you giddy or feels overwhelming, Melissa is sharing her favorite fall traditions with tips for making baking with kids fun, along with a simple fried cinnamon apples recipe you can try at home.

The smell of cinnamon and apples and the scene of falling leaves brings me so many feelings of nostalgia. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it seems like the year is starting over with a new school year, cooler weather and cozy clothes.

My kids are still young, so my husband and I are in the process of introducing them to new traditions by creating traditions of our own. As a child, I remember coming home from trick-or-treating with my family on Halloween to eat soup and warm apple crisp together. It was something special I looked forward to each year that I’ll never forget.

In my home, I want traditions to be an everyday thing, not just a holiday thing. Recently we’ve been making chili, different kinds of soups and pumpkin desserts.

One of my favorite ways to make memories with my family is baking together in the kitchen. When my daughter comes home from her half-day preschool, we eat lunch and bake together. It’s a really special time for us to bond and spend time together— just the two of us.

But, managing baking with sticky hands and potential messes can be quite overwhelming! Here are a few tips to make baking with your kids a little easier:


Be sure to get everything ready before bringing your kiddo into the kitchen. Set out all the ingredients on the counter, and even measure them if you’d like! Being one (or two) steps ahead allows me not to panic when I go to grab the flour out of the pantry and my daughter is standing with eggs in her hands. When baking with your child, it’s important for them to understand some things are for mom and dad to do, while they can be a special helper in other ways, such as adding the ingredients and mixing them together. Defining these boundaries will not only make baking as a family easier, but also more fun!


You don’t have to make something difficult in order to make memories in the kitchen with your kids. Whether it’s pancakes, chocolate chip cookies or trail mix, stick with a simple recipe. Sometimes the biggest hurdle of taking on the challenge of baking with your kids is being worried that you’re going to mess up. But just remember, there is nothing wrong with mistakes. After all, it’s the memories that matter most!

So, here’s a recipe that I’m making with my kids that you’re welcome to try in your home. I love this fried cinnamon apples recipe that gives the flavors of fall without having to turn on the oven or spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

What traditions are you going to introduce to your family this fall?

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