September 27, 2021

Cake and ice cream. Delicious on their own, but so much better together! It’s time to master your skills and make the ice cream cake of your dreams!

The best part of working with ice cream? No rules. That means you can combine any flavors for something unforgettably delicious. (If you’ve been a fan for a while, you’ve seen some of our favorite ice cream cakes already!)

Ice cream cake is perfect any time, but if you’re already missing summer vacation days like we are, this is one way to bring the tastes of trips Up North home.

Introducing our latest creation: the Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream Cake. It’s packed with layer upon layer of fudgy flavor—just like its namesake ice cream flavor. Our favorite part (besides the ice cream)? No baking required!

So gather your ingredients, don’t be afraid to be a little extra with the candy, and transport yourself to a Mackinac Island state of mind.

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Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream Cake

With layer upon layer of fudgy flavor, this Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream cake will make you re-think the traditional cake and ice cream combo.


  • 1 Frozen Pound Cake
  • 3 cups Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream, slightly softened
  • 4 large Peanut Butter Cups, chopped
  • 1/2 cup Chocolate Candies (M&Ms), chopped
  • Chocolate Shell Ice Cream Sauce, such as Smucker's Magic Shell®


  • 1)

    Slice the pound cake horizontally into 3 pieces.

  • 2)

    Place the first slice in a loaf tin lined with plastic wrap.

  • 3)

    Cover the cake with 1 cup of Hudsonville Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream, followed by three-quarters of the chopped peanut butter cups.

  • 4)

    Add a second layer of cake and cover with 2nd cup of ice cream, followed by three-quarters of the chocolate candies.

  • 5)

    Place the last layer of cake on top, followed by the last cups of ice cream.

  • 6)

    Cover with the chocolate shell sauce, then the remaining peanut butter cups and chocolate candies.

  • 7)

    Let the sauce set for a few seconds, then fold over the plastic wrap and place in the freezer until frozen, about 4 hours.

  • 8)

    When ready to serve, pull back the plastic wrap, lift the cake out and peel off the wrapping completely.

  • 9)

    Slice to serve.

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