May 13, 2020

The feeling you get when you surprise someone with a gift of ice cream couldn’t be sweeter, and that’s why Random Acts of Ice Cream is back!

Random Acts of Ice Cream is an easy way to say thank you to someone who is making the world a little bit better and is deserving of recognition and gratitude. It’s been that way since we first launched this program in 2016. But now, this has never been more true than for the healthcare heroes and essential workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. We know there are countless individuals going above and beyond the call of duty every day. From the nurse who has sacrificed time with family to serve others, to the grocery store worker stocking shelves with essential supplies, they have all earned the status of a hero in our book and we want to hear about them.

It’s simple and you don’t even need to leave home – and the best part: it’s on us. You can submit your nomination by filling out the form HERE – just tell us why you think this essential worker deserves a Random Act of Ice Cream. We’ll be picking nominees and shipping ice cream each week, all summer long. Talk about happy mail! 🍦📦

The initial response to our request for Random Acts of Ice Cream nominations has been incredible: we were simply blown away. The amount of love, support, and kindness that filled our inbox was so inspirational, we wanted to share some of the stories! Read some of the nomination stories from recent Random Acts of Ice Cream recipients – and don’t forget to submit your own nomination today.

Stories from the Front Lines

Nicole Gustin (pictured) was nominated by her mom, Lesha: “My daughter is a nurse fighting on the front lines in Michigan. She works on the inpatient surgical floor that was closed due to surgery cancellations and has been relocated to COVID floors and serving as an RN on other floors throughout the last few weeks. She also works as a care manager and has been doing virtual visits and multiple calls to ensure that her patients have the necessities and is working to ensure they are able to afford their medications and food. To top things off she has stepped up to pick up multiple shifts at her home health care job due to her patients’ surgery being canceled with everything going on. She totally deserves some ice cream with everything going on.”

Benjamin Haulenbeek was nominated by Felicia Finley: “I nominated Ben for the random acts of kindness because he has worked tirelessly 6 days a week during COVID-19 to ensure adequate food is in supply for our community and covered shifts for his employees who can’t come in or are sick. He risks himself every day to keep other families fed and to take care of us and our home. I couldn’t ask for a better man or partner. His favorite thing to do after a long day at work wearing a mask and handling the public who is stressed and in fear, is having a bowl of Hudsonville ice cream. Usually chocolate!”

Carla Brummel (pictured) was nominated by her sister-in-law, Becca Bredeweg: “Carla is working endlessly to help train new nurses for critical care! She has been driving from Cadillac to Grand Rapids to conduct daily training for nurses so they are ready to be on the frontlines and so they feel prepared moving forward. She is wonderful, encouraging, and sacrificing much to serve others.”

Rick Alberda was nominated by his daughter Becca: “As a retired firefighter, my father knows the importance of helping while also staying safe. That said, in his retirement he now works for the local hospital system, Spectrum Health, transporting lab specimens between the spectrum health facilities. He is risking his health and life since he’s almost 64, daily to make sure people can get their samples tested. I am proud of him for his lifetime of service to others, even when it’s put his own life at risk. Plus, the man loves Hudsonville Ice Cream, so I think it would be a nice way to spread some love and thank you to him.”

Rachel and Leah Edgett (pictured) are sisters and nurses who were both nominated by their mom:

“Rachel is an ICU nurse at Mercy Health in Grand Rapids. She has one on one assignments with the sickest COVID patients. …She has to try to save these patients. When she is not able to save them [she helps] the family to say goodbye [virtually]. So not only is Rachel a nurse – but also a counselor for the family!

Leah is nursing at Spectrum Health, Butterworth. Although Leah does not work on the ICU floor like her sister, Leah is being pulled to the COVID floor in only her 2nd year of being a nurse.

Leah is a floater on the COVID floor. They are both directly exposed to this virus. They have been such good supporters of each other. I pray they both stay healthy!!! I have not been able to see them or touch them for 6 weeks. I just want to hug them and let them know How proud I am of these sisters!” – Therese Edgett

“Thank you for Random Acts of Ice Cream for my favorite Grand Rapids Firefighters.” – Katrina Ross

George Odell was nominated by his wife, Jill: “My husband is a corrections officer for the State of Michigan. He goes to work day in and day out, sometimes working mandatory overtime, knowing that he could contract COVID-19 at any given time. There are positive cases in his facility and even positive cases in the specific unit that he works in. Currently, he is living away from our home in a hotel in Jackson, where a lot of corrections officers are staying, in order to keep the virus from potentially spreading to our home as I am immune-compromised. I nominate my husband to receive a random act of ice cream (Hudsonville Mint Chip is his favorite) as I feel he deserves it for going above and beyond in these trying times!”

“I work in tray delivery/nutrition at Spectrum Health’s Butterworth Hospital. Thank you so much – from me and my department – for donating ice cream! It was a sweet surprise after getting out of a busy day.” – Chris Love (pictured)

Alicia Prins was also nominated by a family member: “Alicia is living by herself downtown without physical contact with family for the last 2 months. She is a paramedic with LIFE and does not want to expose the family. We are so proud of her and know how hard it is for her to spend time alone.” – Carolyn Prins



Make your nomination for Random Acts of Ice Cream now.



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