November 12, 2020

It’s cool to be kind.

You can hold the door open for someone, run an errand for a friend, or pay for the coffee order for the person behind you. A little act of kindness can go a long way. That’s why we believe in Random Acts of Ice Cream. It’s a small way we at Hudsonville can say ‘thank you’ to all those making a big difference in their communities. From frontline healthcare heroes to others in essential roles like teachers, delivery people, bus drivers, grocery store associates, cafeteria workers and more, we’ve been shipping pints to people each week this year to show our gratitude – with your help!

And it doesn’t stop with us. We have many examples of others chipping in with their own Random Acts of Ice Cream. Kait from Indianapolis Mom packed ice cream in a special kit for a teacher who has been important to her family. Our friends at Detroit Mom spread love and sweetness to their fellow moms who might have been struggling this year. And in Columbus, Stephanie and her son safely scooped ice cream for their neighbors, including a number of healthcare workers.

You can still nominate someone who is making an impact on your community through our Random Acts of Ice Cream program, or find inspiration to give someone your own special Random Act to show how much you care.

Here are a few highlights from the thousands of nominations we’ve received this year:

Jenna nominated her husband Lance, a nurse practitioner working on the front lines:

“He has the biggest heart for humanity and works tirelessly to help the people of the community beat this. He’s working the night shift and comes home sore, tired, and emotionally drained. When he walks through the door our three small kiddos eagerly await Dad to “disinfect” so they can get their snuggles and crawl all over him. Lance is their hero. Lance is my hero. Lance is a hero in our community”

Kathy is an eighth-grade math teacher nominated by her daughter who noted her mom’s passion for her students’ success:

“My mom has not given up and is doing everything she can to make sure that her students are still getting an education. She has gone above and beyond what the bare minimum expectations are, and I just think that it’s wonderful that she is still giving 110%…”

Christina’s nominator noted how hard she has been working to convert her curriculum to fit online learning:

“Christina spends hours upon hours teaching other teachers technology and keeping a positive attitude while doing it. She totally believes that if everyone works together, we can successfully educate the students remotely. Best of all she always has a smile on her face and energy in her teaching.”

A common thread in each nomination is selflessness. As one of Jennie’s students said:

“…Mrs. Holladay is always there keeping us on track, she’s the glue that keeps this class together. She is very hardworking and spent her own extra time and money to make this film class the best class for us kids. She is a team player and always takes action and she gets all the kids in our class involved and we always have fun.”

Anna shared how her parents kept their family business running, while playing an integral role in the community:

“My family has owned a small, hometown grocery store business for several generations. My dad has been working full time in grocery since he was in high school fifty years ago. He lives in a very small community, and if he shuttered his store, they would only have one other grocery store in town at a time when items are being limited and out of stock. They’re taking risks so others don’t have to, and they have special hours for high-risk populations. Keeping a small town grocery store running and stocked during a pandemic may not seem like a big deal, but it’s huge to the town and county they humbly serve. They truly care about the people of my hometown community.”

And Joanna nominated her friend Emily, who is known in their OR for spreading joy with her presence:

“She held a patient’s hand for hours since their family couldn’t be there in those moments. Doing what needs to be done without being told and with no thought to glory is what makes her an amazing person. The fact that she wouldn’t ask for anything or expect it makes me want her to have something nice done even more. There are thousands of amazing people all over in this fight and they all are deserving of recognition.”

Be sure to submit your own nominations for our Random Acts of Ice Cream to give someone special a delicious delivery of gratitude.

 We’ve got to show a little kindness. Tell us how you’re doing your part to make this world a sweeter place in the comments or by tagging us on social media.

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