September 3, 2020

Flavor creation has been part of our DNA for decades at Hudsonville Ice Cream. We dream up and taste-test exciting new flavors each year for our Limited Edition lineup, fitting for the time of year. After all, special flavors like this summer’s American Fireworks or our classic Limited Edition Peppermint Stick, are staples of the seasons and make the flavors that much sweeter.

Today, we’re talking Limited Editions of days gone by. It’s the ultimate throwback – the flavors you know and love from the past. These five flavors are among our most requested Limited Edition options, capturing your attention, your heart and (of course) your taste buds. Refresh your memory on a few of these flavors and tell us which one you miss the most!

Limited Edition Pure Michigan Caramel Apple

Lightly flavored apple ice cream, with Michigan apple fruit and Michigan caramel

We can all agree: No fall season is complete without a trip to the apple orchard. Or in our case, a trip to the freezer section for a carton or two of this beloved Limited Edition from years ago! The apples in this ice cream were hand-picked in Michigan and folded into creamy apple-infused ice cream with a caramel swirl. With a taste just like caramel apples on a stick, our fans loved this Limited Edition flavor and have been asking for it ever since.

Limited Edition Chocolate Raspberry Indulgence

Dark chocolate and white chocolate ice cream, with a natural raspberry ripple

Decadent and delicious, this chocolate and raspberries pairing was a match made in ice cream heaven – which is why we hear many requests to bring Limited Edition Chocolate Raspberry Indulgence back to life. The rich and dreamy flavor combination was a top selection for Valentine’s Day desserts, since this flavor appeared on shelves in the winter months. Miss this flavor? Check out our Extra Indulgent Raspberry Chocolate Chunk for a similar taste.

Limited Edition Crispy Cocoa Cereal

Brown butter ice cream with a thick fudge ripple and chocolate-covered rice cereal

 As if you need an excuse to start your day with a scoop, this flavor was inspired by Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (the first Saturday in February) and proved to be an instant hit with kids and kids at heart. Because ice cream is way better than oatmeal and adulting is oh-so-overrated, we loved this flavor for its ability to bring back memories of sitting in front of the TV as a kid watching cartoons.

Limited Edition Winter Campfire

Original vanilla ice cream with a marshmallow swirl, graham cracker pieces and milk chocolate flakes

Summer isn’t the only time to enjoy a favorite campfire treat. With the perfect combination of flavors found in the classic three-ingredient s’mores dessert, this Limited Edition brought back memories of campfires with family and good friends, on even the coldest winter days. Missing this flavor? Dig into our Dairy Free version, or find S’mores at your favorite local scoop shop.

Limited Edition Confetti Cake

Creamy cake-flavored ice cream packed with colorful confetti candy sprinkles

We love to celebrate all of life’s moments (big or small), and our Limited Edition Confetti Cake flavor was the perfect addition to any party! Why have cake AND ice cream, when you could have a party in a bowl with cake ice cream? With colorful sprinkles mixed throughout, there was happiness in every single spoonful.

Have another favorite flavor you’d love to see back in stores? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more sweet surprises.

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